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Email: info.stgphoto@gmail.com

Prince Edward Room, St George Leagues Club, 124 Princes Highway, Beverley Park, NSW 2217

Competition Night: First Thursday of each month

Presentation Night: Second Thursday of each month

Committee Night: Third Thursday of each month

Workshop Night: Forth Thursday of each month

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Welcome to the St George Leagues Club Photographic Society Portal

Our club is one of the largest amateur photographic clubs in NSW. We are a diverse group of amateurs through to professionals. Some of our members are absolute beginners whilst others have been with the club since its inception over 55 years ago. Amongst our members are award winners at national and international levels and some members are accredited judges of camera club competitions. Overall we are a group of people who share a passion for photography and also have a willingness to help others learn. standard MyPhotoClub site for a photography club.

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February Evaluation Open & Set Subject = Monochrome Street Photography

Dear members, I first evaluation for 2021 is Open and Set Subject = Monochrome Street Photography

by Paul Prouzos, November 23, 2020